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The landlocked district of Idukki stands garbed in vibrant tones of nature and is flanked by Western Ghats; here you could see the Hilly Kerala. The place is so charming and tender that you will love to snuggle in the lap of Mother Nature. There are abundant areas in Idukki which is untouched by human habitation and it gives an exotic look to this place. The water bodies are store house of pristine water and sparkles like gem with the fall of the sun rays that pierces through the thick green foliage. There are many spice plantations in this region and a natural walk will enable you to come close to this place. To know the diverse ecology of Idukki you could visit the locations mentioned below.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

This spectacular Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki District. The sanctuary has to its credit myriad images of the topography consisting of glittering blue lakes, tropical forest and diverse flora and fauna. The sanctuary stretches to about 77 km and stands at an altitude of 450 to 748 meters above sea level. There is a lake that surrounds this sanctuary and to explore it a boat ride would be the right choice. Idukki Arch Dam

The dam is considered to be one of the biggest in Asia and constructed in the ravine between Kuravan and Kurathi hills. The power produced in this dam quenches the hefty power requirement of the state. A little far from here is the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hill View Park

The Hill view Park's proximity Idukki and Cheruthoni Dam makes it alluring and an attractive tourist spot. It offers a spectacular view to its adjacent places. From the top of the 8 km sprawling hill top you could occasionally spot herds of elephants, wild animals, rare plant and lots more.

Thomankuthu Waterfall

On traveling 20 km from Thodupuzha you would reach this enchanting waterfall. The ever chattering waterfalls offers to it visitors ravishing beauty of the nature also. The location is famous for Ecotourism also and the visitors can go for adventure sports including boating, trekking and mountaineering.

Malankara Reservoir

Malankara Reservoir can be reached by traveling 6 km from Thodupuzha. This is a location good to go for boating and do some fishing. Thumpachi Calveri Samuchayam

This location is perched on a mountain and visitors could reach there by traveling 35 km from Thodupuzha. The sunset view from here is mesmerizing with the silhouette of the green mountains in the background.


This pictorial town is the headquarters of Idukki District. It is a good spot for trekking and a best retreat from the chaos of the city.

Apart from these there are other beautiful places also that attracts tourists. Being a prominent Tour Operator in Kerala we can give you Excellent Kerala Packages with prompt transportations and hospitable and courteous Kerala Hotels.

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