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Kannur is one of the northernmost districts of Kerala. Earlier it was known in anglicized name 'Cannanore' from the word Kannur which is said to be originated from the Hindu deity 'Kannan' ( Lord Krishna) and Ur (place) joining to give the name kannur which means the place of Lord Krishna. Flanked by Western Ghats in the east and Lakshwadeep Sea in the west, Kannur is bountiful with amalgam of beauty that consists of nature and man made wonders. They include natural beaches, hill stations, rivers, backwaters, historical monuments and religious centers. Many traditional folk art and folk music of Kerala came out of the bosom of Kannur and is the abode of Kerala Folklore academy. Among traditional arts Theyyam or Theyattam is still popular and prevailing in Kannur. Besides that, Kannur is more acclaimed world over for its handlooms.

Fort St.Angelos

This fort is situated to the west of Kannur Town. Built in the year 1505, by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almeida, it was built on a cape that extends into the Lakshadweep Sea. After that the Dutch captured the fort in 1663 and sold it to the Ali Raja of Kannur in 1772 and in 1790 it came into the custody of the British. It is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Thalassery Fort

On arriving in Thalassery, in the year 1683, the British constructed goods shed there. Later they shifted their commercial capital from Kozhikode to Thalassery as they were facing stiff opposition from the Dutch. This led to the construction of Thalassery Fort on a small hill called Tiruvellapadkunnu. Behind this fort is the renowned St. John's Anglican Church.

Muzhappilangad Beach

The beach is Kerala's only drive-in beach and you can drive entire length of 4 km. It is also a great place to go for swimming.

Payyambalam Beach

A beautiful beach in Kannur and is the perfect place to spend the evening no matter what the weather is.


The hill is said to the capital of ancient Mookshika Kings. There is a belief that Lord Buddha visited this place. There is an old Mosque here which has the remains of the Muslim reformist Sheikh Abdul Latif. This hill is well-known for its natural herbs. Now it is an important place of the Navy.

Pazhassi Dam

The dam site is rich with its lustrous natural beauty and is the best place to spend a relaxing time. Accommodation is available with the Project Inspection Bungalow and D.T.P.C provides boating facilities for the visitors in the reservoir.

Pythal Mala

A 6 km trek from the base will take you to the top of the hills. The hill is rich in diverse flora and fauna.

Gundert Bungalow

The reverend German Missionary, Dr. Herman Gundert, who was a famous lexicographer, scholar and the man behind the first Malayalam dictionary and first Malayalam Newspaper lived here for twenty years from 1839.

Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu

On traveling 18 km from Kannur Town you could reach this snake park. A famous snake park in India and is the house of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, some of them even in the verge of extinction could be found there.

Moppila Bay

It is a natural fishing harbor near to the Fort. St. Angelos. The inland water is protected by the sea that protrudes from the fort. In ancient times, during Kolathir's regime it was famous harbor that linked Kolathunadu with Lakshwadweep.

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