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Kollam has a hoary past, an ancient trading center; many foreign travelers came to Kollam during the medieval period in their tryst to explore new places and to understand cultures and as part of trading expeditions. Some legacy of Kollam elucidate that the present town was built by the Syrian Merchant Sapir Iso in 9th century A.D. The quintessence of the beauty of Kollam is understood from the proverb that says "once you see Kollam you won't feel like going back to your home". It is the best place to start your cruise through Kerala Backwaters and there are ample house boats available which are budget friendly also. This Tourist Cruise in Houseboats of Kerala gives you opportunity to taste Kerala Cuisine consisting of Menu made out of freshly purchased fish & prawns from the backwaters.

Ashtamudi Lake

The significance of Ashtamudi dates back to 14th century A.D., the Ashtamudi Lake was considered to be one of the five important ports used by the Chinese for their trade purpose. The name came from the word 'Ashta' meaning 'eight' and 'mudi' meaning 'Branch' to give the meaning - merging of eight backwaters. The picturesque panorama offers to its traveler's visions of water birds, animals, rustic life, butterflies, lush green coconut trees, churches, temples, mosques and women engaged in the making of coir.

Lighthouse of Thangasseri

The area which the Lighthouse soar into the sky is called Thangasseri and before it was called the Dutch Quilon, and later a British enclave. It was built in the year 1902 and is visible as far as 13 miles into the sea. In its neighborhood lies the Portuguese Fort, now the remnants are limited to a high rising wall.


This is the industrialized part of Kollam and has a distinguished place in the global map because of the presence of large mineral deposits. The place is famous for its industrial establishments like Indian Rare Earths, The Kerala Premo Pipe Factory, Kerala Minierals & Metal Factory and Titanium Complex.

Adventure Park

It is located next to the government guest house at Asramam and is famous for adventure sports. There is a wonderful Children's Park and is a busy place during weekends.

Rameshwaram Temple

The temple displays inscriptions in Tamil dating from 12th to 16th century. In its design it shows Pandyan influence.


The place is famous for its temples and shrines. The historical one is the Subramanya Temple at Umayanalloor which is said to be consecrated by the great Hindu Philosopher Sree Sankaracharya.


Ochira Temple is situated 34 km north of Kerala Town. The main feature of this temple is that there is no deity or idol at the famous Parabrahma temple which is dedicated to universal consciousness.


It is a fresh water lake and is the largest in Kerala. Sasthamcotta is the abode of the famous Sastha temple and that is how it derived its name.


Kulathupuzha is located 64 km from Kollam town, on the Thiruvananthapuram - Shencottah Road.


On traveling 20 km from Kollam you would reach a narrow strip of land between the sea and backwaters. An excellent place for backwater cruise and a village walk.


It is situated 66 km east of Kollam and the locale is covered by rubber estates, tea plantations and dense forest. Moreover the place is famous for its eco-tourism project.

Kottarakara Kathakali Museum

The museum is in the memorial of the Kottarakara Thamburan (King) who is the father of Kathakali. Various models of Kathakali are exhibited here. Also the ornaments, rare musical instruments etc. are exhibited here.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

It is located 35 km from Kollam Town and is famous for its waterfalls and woods. The meaning of Palaruvi is "milky stream" and it falls from a height of 300 feet.

Thirumullavarm Beach

This quiet beach is situated 6 km from Kollam Town and is a beautiful spot to spend the evening.

Kottuckal Rock Cut CaveTemple

The temple is located on the Thirupananthapuram - Kottayam MC Road and here you could get the glimpse of rock cut temple architecture


It is huge rock that is situated in Chadayamangalam and it derived its name from the mythical bird Jatayu who is believed to have collapsed in this rock while trying to block the way of Ravana after kidnapping Sita.

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