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Pathanamthitta is a popular district in the state of Kerala and is a hilly region of Kerala. It is more famous because the renowned pilgrim hill Sabarimala is located in this district. Your Kerala Holidays would not be complete without visiting this district where the topography is blessed with immense natural beauty. Here you could get unlimited view of forests, sylvan charm, grasslands, twisty rivers and hillocks. It is an excellent place to go for village tours where you can get to know the heritage art and cultural art forms of Kerala.

Konni (Agricultural Region)

It is an agricultural region 11 km from Pathanamthitta. The area is famous for its cash crops like rubber, pepper, coffee and ginger which is the backbone of the agricultural economy of the state. Apart from that it is famous as a place for training elephants. Nowadays this is banned, but attracts lots of tourists who come here to see the giant cages of elephant.

Mannadi (Folk Art Center)

The great freedom fighter Veluthampi Dalawa became a martyr in Mannadi on March 29, 1809 and the place of his martyrdom attracts lots of tourist. Another attraction is the bhagavathy temple which has some ancient sculptures.


Parthasarathy Temple, dedicated to Krishna, which is situated on the banks of Pamba, is a place of worship which attracts lot of devotees. Mural paintings in this temple from the 18th century are a major attraction. Another attraction of the place is that it is the home of the very famous 'Aranmula Kannadi'. Some families of this place have inherited the ancient craft of making these mirrors and they still continue its production. Foreign tourists who are interested in the art forms and classical dances of Kerala stay here to master it. The Vijnana Kalavedi gives training in classical music, classical dance and Kalaripayattu.

Sabarimala Pilgrim Center

Sabarimala is a pilgrim center which attracts multitude of pilgrims from far and near. It is located in the mountain ranges of Western Ghats at an altitude of 914 m above sea level. The deity of the temple is Lord Ayappa and the seasons for pilgrimage are Mandalapooja and Magaravillakku which is from November to Mid January.

Omallor Cattle Fair

This place is famous for Rakthakanta Swamy Temple and the annual cattle fair that occurs in the Malayalam month of Meenam.

Charalkunnu Hill Station

This hill station offers to its visitor's vistas of valleys around it. There is a camp house to provide lodging.


Perumethenaruvi is an enchanting waterfall on the banks of River Pamba. The place attracts both foreign and domestic tourists.

Kakki Reservoir

Kakki Reservoir is a rustic place and attracts lot of tourists. There is an artificial lake and the tourists can go for an exciting boating in it. The forest that engulfs this reservoir is abundant with tigers, monkeys, elephant etc.

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