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It's dream season in God's Own Country The perfect time to to enjoy a Kerala holiday at never-before prices. Take your pick from the very best of dream season offers which feature exciting off-season tour packages - Backwater Houseboat Cruises, Hill Station Holidays, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Packages, Monsoon Tours and more - offered by hotels, resorts and tour operators. And make your dream holiday come true.

Houseboat operators

Houseboats in Kerala have become one of the popular means by which travelers can now experience the life that unfolds in its backwaters. These traditional boats transformed into modern day cruise boats come in different ranges of comfort and luxury.
Ayurveda centres

It is called the elixir of life. Ayurveda in its pristine form is still practiced widely in Kerala. Besides the local people, the benefits of Ayurveda are now we known to those who visit Kerala. Ayurveda centres that offer quality service in an authentic manner.

By virtue of its geographical diversity, visitors to Kerala would be delighted and equally surprised to find resorts that are located by the side of spectacular beaches, captivating hill stations, serene backwater stretches, near forests that teem with wildlife and those amidst farmlands.

With a wide range of hotels to choose from, Kerala is a travelers' delight when it comes to a range of accommodation options suited for all categories of travelers. Leading international names in hospitality business, seasoned players in the domestic sector and others

Want to know how to prepare a typical Kerala breakfast or to understand a tip or two in local farming? Homestays in Kerala have over the years become a choice for travelers to experience the Kerala way of life and that too in a variety of geographical settings.
Tour operators

It is a destination that is relatively smaller in area when compared to other regions of India. Yet, Kerala has a fascinating array of travel delights, which perhaps may be experienced best through some of the leading travel and tour operators in business.
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